Successful real-world experience is the mother lode of resources for management training! When your management coach has that experience, everything fits into a framework that makes sense, has been tested and really works.

Regardless of whether you are new to the management ranks, are mid-career and looking for a fresh perspective or need a training resource for the people who report to you, you are likely to find what you're looking for here. And gentlemen, this site will work well for you too - just glide past the gender-related examples.

Essential Skills
For Managers On the Move

If you are new to a company or organization, you need make a great first impression. Then you need to know how to align your personality with a corporate culture so that you fit in and become a person of influence.

The traditional art and science of management is being challenged by changing gender and generational roles in every workplace. Looking through that prism, understand business communication techniques so you can negotiate a raise or promotion and tell what people are really “saying” by reading their body language. Then select decision-making and problem-solving models to help you successfully lead and/or manage your team.

Take Care of #1

You need to assume responsibility for your own professional development these days by networking, building your brand, taking initiatives and risks and becoming a change agent. Know when and how to make a job- and career-change decisions that you won't regret. And since you have a life outside the office, also review different ways to find that all-elusive work-life-balance.

Ultimately, build a management skills portfolio that empowers you to:

  • Add value to your organization
  • Synchronize your personality with the people who work for and with you, and
  • Achieve outcomes that result in your success and satisfaction

It’s a Great Time
For Women In Business

Women’s naturally consultative styles and interpersonal skills make us uniquely well suited to management roles in today’s evolving workplace. And as long as the business world keeps changing, management training will remain a part of your work life. In good economic times or bad, a solid skills portfolio will enable you to adapt and continue to grow your management career.

Carpe Diem!


A Great First Impression Creates Generates Immediate Support
When you make a professional first impression, it validates an organization's decision that you are the right person for this management position and earns you immediate support
Corporate Culture Rewards Managers Who Fit In
Understanding the corporate culture enables managers to anticipate how others will act and react, how to get things done, and through whom
A Manager’s Own Personality Type Can Explain How Others React and Respond
As a manager, your personality type is your business persona. Understand it and you’ll know how to maximize personal relationships to achieve the best business outcomes
Using Emotional Intelligence Comes More Easily to Women Managers
Using emotional intelligence enables managers to harness their emotional power as a source of energy, information, connection and influence.
Business Women in Management Differ from Men in Style, Not Skills
In management, the differences between business women and business men are the result of social and cultural conditioning. Don’t try to act like a man. Build bridges over any gender gaps
Nine Essential People Skills for Managers
Managers who have superior people skills know how to bring out the best in their team members in every situation. Here are the nine essential ones.
Leadership is a Coaching and Motivating Relationship Built by Women in Managemen
Leadership can be strategic or operational and envisions or creates the future of an organization. Managers become true leaders when they inspire trust and create a vision.
Management is Part Art and Part Science. Managers Must Excel at Both
Effective management is a matter of using the right style - directing, discussing or delegating - depending on the immediate task and employees' knowledge
Teamwork Happens When Managers Create a Shared Mission
High levels of teamwork require commitment, ownership, heart and shared learning by managers and their teams. You provide the motivation, inspiration and clear direction. They do the rest.
Business Communication Consists of Body Language First, Words Second
Business communication is over ninety percent body language. The rest is mostly verbal. The management training lesson is that combined, they determine the outcome most business interactions
Sound Decision-Making Skills Are Crucial for All Managers
Sound decision-making occurs when managers have considered all possible alternatives. They can move ahead confidently, avoid second-guessing and wondering What If
Women in Management Use Problem-Solving to Find Out Why Something is Wrong
Major problems managers to follow a problem-solving process to ensure the fix is permanent. They solve many minor problems without being aware they are doing it
Business Ethics - A Vital Discipline for Women in Management
Business ethics is doing what's right regarding your company's products, services and relationships. Your job as a manager is to do the right thing and be sure your team does too.
Professional Development for Managers Requires Them to Self-Coach
Managers need to take charge of their own professional development, enhancing their influence, reputation and building a brand of one based on their personal mission statement
Make a Job Change Fit Your Vision of the Good Life as a Woman Manager
A job change requires careful evaluation of your current situation and an understanding what needs you have that are not being met.
Mentoring is a Personal Relationship for Managers to Help Them Grow
Mentoring is a power-free, learning relationship for manageers. It facilitates their self-discovery, growth and confidence. Coaching deals with their performance.
Business Etiquette is About Women in Management Presenting a Polished Image
More and more, proper business etiquette is viewed as an important part of making a good impression by women in management, especially during the early part of business relationships
The Right Business Attire Adds to a Manager's Credibility
Appropriate business attire is determined by the nature of your business, your corporate culture and your audience, particularly the people who influence your paycheck
Organized Women in Management Are Working Smarter, Not Harder
Organized women in management create an extra two and one half hours a week! Organize your workspace by using your circular file and the delete button on your computer liberally
To Find Work Life Balance, Managers Must Make Choices Only They Can Make
Managers can find work life balance that will include their families, health, friends, spirit and work when they set goals important to them, not necessarily to others
Meet Your Management Training Coach
Meet Your Coach introduces you to the woman exec whose 25 years of successful management performance is the basis for management training and career coaching
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