Dr, Vijai Sharma has done a comprehensive analysis of ABC personality types, especially as they relate to job performance and work-related relationships. This page reflects his theories as they appear in Mind Publications.

Type A Personality

Of the ABC personality types, these are the folks that are always in a hurry, impatient to see results and come across as aggressive in their interpersonal relationships because they believe it’s a “dog eat dog world” out there. Type A’s are very competitive and show it at work in their levels of tension and agitation.

Their personalities are a mix of right- and left-brained dominance. They are risk taking, inflexible and private people who become hostile easily when they are criticized.

Type B Personality

Of the ABC personality types, the Type B’s live in the moment and don’t mind waiting for just the right time to take action. They are friendly types who believe that the world is both good and bad, but that there are more good people than bad in it. They tend to be their own biggest competitors, thinking “I can do better than this”.

Their personalities are right-brain dominated. Being intuitive, spontaneous and patient, they are open to criticism, and when angry they tend to use humor to make their point.

Type C Personality

Of the ABC personality types, the Type C’s are future oriented but like to take their time, patiently weighing the pro’s and con’s before they make decisions. They tend to be introspective and enjoy studying themselves, and others, in great detail. They are very much at home figuring out what to expect from future events, even though they believe that if something can go wrong it will. They’re uncomfortable with personal or intimate conversations.

Their personalities are mostly left-brained. When Type C’s are angry they become resentful and may give the “silence treatment” to those with whom they are angry. They want to be leaders but their lack of openness and risk aversion are obstacles.

How Do Work-Related Attributes Compare
Among the ABC's?

Type AType BType C
CompetitivenessAggressiveOnly with selfHave to be right
Workplace PersonaTenseRelaxed concentrationMethodical
Attitude toward changeNegativeInevitableDiscomfort
Team Leader/MemberIntimidatingAcceptingUnsocial
Emotional ExpressionGuard is upPositiveHidden
Handling criticismCritical of itOpen to itSensitive to it
Typical jobs"The Boss"Sales, MarketingPlanning
Attitude toward othersSuspiciousFriendlyWary
Impulse controlImpulsiveSpontaneousThoughtful
Time managementEverything's urgentAppropriate to taskAs much as needed

Women in management are typically seen by co-workers as Type B. Naturally, there will be some cross-over between the types in everyone, but it will be the dominate Type B’s who will be most likely to shine in today’s changing workplace.

A Few Final Thoughts

But be sure you don’t pigeon-hole anyone you work with based on this, the left-brain / right-brain theory, or the Baby Boomer / Generation X personality type comparisons. They are theories formulated by human beings who have built in biases of their own.

But if you find something with particular appeal that works for you, go for it. Just be very careful before casting it in bronze and be willing to change your mind.

They all can be useful if you need to quickly mirror the personality of someone you don’t know – at a trade show, at an impromptu meeting, an interview, etc. But withhold lasting judgment of your, your boss’s and your team members’ personality types and styles for the in-depth style assessments.