How good are you at managing your emotions? Answer the following questions to help identify any areas in which you might need to work on managing yourself.

Who’s in control? You or your emotions?

  • Are you likely to lose control in stressful situations, become aggressive or “freeze”?
  • Do you run away from a difficult decision or potential confrontation?
  • Do you “burn out” without even realizing it?
  • Are you willing to take conscious and deliberate steps to control your emotions?
  • How willing are you to take “time out” from a stressful situation to reflect, recuperate or seek support?

Can you control your temper, and collaborate with other people?

  • Can you carefully manage your responses and reactions when faced with demanding situations or people?
  • Are you able to remain calm in a crisis?
  • Can you resist the temptation to take over when working collaboratively?

How quickly can you bounce back from a setback?

  • How well do you manage your own energy and pace your efforts for the long haul?
  • Are you able to recognize anxiety in others and encourage them to find help?
  • Do you model a healthy work/life balance?
  • Are you able to absorb and deal constructively with criticism, seeking support as needed?

You are the one who sets the tone and pace for your team every morning just by the way you walk in the door. We all know people who seem to drag everyone down or people who make you feel like you ought to duck whenever they enter the room. But when you enter the office, wear a smile, walk with a positive stride and set the right emotional tone.

When you are positive, upbeat, confident and enthusiastic, you become a person other people want to follow - you are managing your emotions well!